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BlackBerry Link 1.1.1 now available to download for PC and Mac
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  • How to Import a Mac Address Book to a BlackBerry.
  • How to Transfer or Copy Contacts from BlackBerry to a Computer | TunesBro.
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  • How to Copy or Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Computer. Select the account that contains the contacts or calendar you want to sync with. Click Select Account. To set up sync preferences, click Configure.

2. Copy The Contacts From One Phone to Another via Bluetooth

Click OK. Click Set up Contacts Syncing. Click Sync Address Book Contacts and select the groups that contain the contacts that you want to sync with. To set up sync preferences, click Confirm.

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On your computer, open BlackBerry Link. At the side of the BlackBerry Link window, click your device. Click Contacts/Calendars. Click Set Up Contacts Syncing. Apr 26, Sync contacts and calendar appointments between your device and About switching to a new device - BlackBerry Link for Mac OS -

Select "iSync" and select "Preferences" from the main menu to open the Preferences dialog box. Click "All contacts and groups" to import all your contacts to your BlackBerry. Click "Selected Groups" to choose which contacts and groups you want to import.

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Check the box next to the contact or group to import. Andrew McClain has been writing since He has written several articles for various websites and writes user guides and software manuals for several freelance clients. He has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Missouri.

Skip to main content. Start the iSync application.

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Once you do this and the process is complete, all of the information on your device will be available on your PC. Once you have done this, simply move the contacts from your SD card by dragging and dropping them into a desired location on your PC. Launch BlackBerry Desktop Software. About the Author Andrew McClain has been writing since About the Author Based in Tampa, Fla. Click Info.

Check the box next to "Enable syncing on this computer. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application.