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rutas por chulilla These apps, which follow a task management method popularized by a book with the same name , help manage every single thing in your life. The idea is, you clear everything out of your head—random ideas, household chores, errands, along with each task in your larger work projects—and put them in the app, so you won't worry about forgetting anything. That frees up your mind to focus on the task at hand. Then, try one of these apps to get organized. Starting out as a customization of its sister app, OmniOutliner , OmniFocus has over a decade's legacy in managing tasks. Tasks are organized by project and context, and can be organized in a project based on their order, priority, and more.

OmniFocus includes several "perspectives" to view your tasks and projects in different ways. There are Project, Context, and Flagged views to show tasks organized in their categories, and you can add your own perspectives to show tasks from certain projects or due date ranges, say. Then, the Forecast perspective shows all of your tasks ordered by due dates alongside your calendar events, making it easy to plan tasks around events and get a quick look at the day ahead.

Tasks in OmniFocus can have plenty of details, too, from advanced repeating schedules to location awareness. Projects can be set to only show tasks as due when earlier tasks are completed, so you can always know what needs to be done in order. OmniFocus also includes AppleScript support, so you can automate your task management or integrate with your other Mac apps. And when you're done, a Review view lets you look back over your projects and see how productive you've been or what you've missed.

It's a detailed app, so start out with our in-depth OmniFocus guide to learn the features you need for your workflow. OmniFocus Price: For a deeper look at OmniFocus features and pricing plans, check out our OmniFocus review. See OmniFocus integrations on Zapier. If OmniFocus looks like feature overload to you, Things may be a better option.

It's a simpler take on task management with a new design that helps you organize tasks into projects and pick what to focus on each day. Things is built around projects, with a name and description at the top to keep the most important details together, a status circle that shows how much of the project is completed, and task sections to organize your work into groups. Add sub-tasks and comments on tasks for even more detail—then click away and Things will show just your clear task list, hiding the extras away until you need them. You can pop the project out into its own window to check off tasks one after the other.

Or, tap the Today button on the task to build up a list of things you need to do today—or schedule tasks, and they'll show up in order on your Someday list so you'll know what's coming up. And when everything's done, you can peek back at your projects to see what you finished, and when. For a deeper look at Things features and pricing plans, check out our Things review. See Things integrations on Zapier. Todoist is a another simpler take on Getting Things Done, one that works everywhere. Tasks are organized into projects in Todoist, and you can drag-and-drop your projects and tasks into the hierarchy you want to keep tasks neat.

You can then see all of your upcoming tasks in the Today and Next 7 Days views for a quick look at what you need to do. And, you can quickly add those dates to your tasks with Todoist's natural language processing. It's a bit like a grocery-style to-do list, with extra productivity features hidden just below the surface. You can add labels to tasks, tag them with color-coded priorities, organize them with dynamic filters, and set separate reminders and due dates so you don't forget to start on a task.

Work in a team?

You can delegate tasks, and share lists with your team with Todoist Business. Then, there's Todoist Karma which will reward you for productivity with a score at the top of the app that challenges you to get more done each day. Todoist Price: For a deeper look at Todoist features and pricing plans, check out our Todoist review. See Todoist integrations on Zapier. Your tasks and projects are rather similar to an outline, so in addition to a to-do list, Toodledo lets you manage tasks on one page with outline-style formatting.

Projects turn into section headers, with your tasks and sub-tasks nestled underneath—and you can collapse sections to help you focus on the most important things. Toodledo's more traditional to-do list view also includes the project and organization features you need for a full GTD workflow. There's also a notes and table view, to keep track of your text notes, finances, and more all in one productivity app.

It's a simple, text-focused way to get things done, in a simple list or detailed projects. Toodledo Price: For a deeper look at Toodledo features and pricing plans, check out our Toodledo review. See Toodledo integrations on Zapier. Instead of forcing you to focus on due dates, projects, or contexts as most GTD apps do, 2Do lets you choose how you want to work and what to focus on.

With two sidebars—one for projects, another for tags—you can quickly browse your tasks and find what you need to do next. It also includes unique features that aren't often found in other apps. There's a task duration setting where you can estimate how long each task will take, batch edits to cleanup your tasks quickly, focus to show only the most important tasks, privacy settings, and much more.

You likely don't usually think too much about how you sync your tasks, but if you'd like the flexibility to pick, 2Do is a great option to choose. It can sync your tasks via Dropbox, the iOS Reminders app, or using any CalDAV server so you can also see your tasks inside your standard calendar app.

Designed for Mac, works everywhere

Or, if you use Toodledo with your team, you can sync 2Do with it to keep track of your personal and work tasks together. GTD apps don't have to have complicated projects and contexts and more. Just list your tasks, then tap any of the more complex tasks to add subtasks—and that task is instantly turned into a project.

And that's it: Your tasks and subtasks in one, easy-to-read list. That's not all. Add sub-tasks to your tasks, and they'll be organized based on their due date automatically. Or, you can see your week at a glance with a list of all the tasks that are due this week. And if you need to do the same tasks repeatedly, there's a simple repeating tasks tools to help you out. TickTick Price: Appigo's Todo is one of the original Getting Things Done apps.

Originally built around stand-alone apps, its Todo Cloud web app now dies everything together. Tasks in Todo can be organized by list, context, or tag—all of which can be tweaked as you need. It also has a built-in All Tasks list that gives you a quick look at everything you've added. Most apps let you add notes, due dates, and more to your tasks—and in Todo, you get those features in sub-tasks, too. That way, you can organize everything into projects, tasks, and subtasks, each with enough info to get everything done. And when you need to start new projects, you can tweak a number of their settings, even setting when new tasks you add to those projects will be due by default.

Appigo Todo Price: Firetask is a project management app for your personal life. Add new tasks and they show up in your Inbox—with Someday and Scratchpad sections to store tasks you'd like to come back to sometime or to plan out projects that aren't full projects yet. Then, organize tasks with categories and projects, and add them to their due dates—something you can easily do with Firetask's unique Kanban and Dates views where you can drag tasks to schedule them.

The best productivity and GTD app suite for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

You'll then work each day from the Today view with all of today's tasks, and a Next view to see what's coming up after. And for your routine work, you can even store checklists to run through over and again. Like most GTD tools, Doit. Then, its unique Goals tool lets you track your progress towards larger goals you've set. You could list your business quarterly goals, or personal growth goals like learning a new skill.

You can then add tasks to both a Project and a Goal, to organize your tasks and also see how they help you achieve your broad goals. Doit also has a unique performance feature that gives you insight into how much work you've completed in a given day. It includes a pie chart with your tasks broken down by what has been completed, uncompleted, and deferred, where you can comment and rate your progress to journal your productivity.

Doit Price: GTD apps help you keep track of everything, but sometimes that can lead to information overload. Your tasks will be in projects and have contexts, locations and more included, but that's only valuable if you can see it. Nozbe makes sure your tasks' projects are obvious with color-coded project labels and context icons that make your tasks easy to understand at a glance.

Nozbe works everywhere you do, with apps for everything including Linux and integrations with Evernote, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and more. You can even use all of its features with your team, if you'd like, for GTD productivity in everything you're working on. Nozbe Price: For a deeper look at Nozbe features and pricing plans, check out our Nozbe review. See Nozbe integrations on Zapier. The Hit List 's designers know your tasks and projects are complicated and will take time to complete, so they've designed their app to help you track everything and focus on just what's in progress right now.

It includes the standard features to list your tasks—along with the amount of time you expect them to take to complete—and organize them into lists and projects. Then, you can select just one task to work on, and you'll see it full-screen with a large space for notes where you can plan out your work in detail. There's a timer as well, so you can keep track of how long you actually took on that task and see your task's progress at a glance. Apple Reminders is a great simple to-do list app, but it can be so much more.

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GoodTask takes Reminders' basic features—and free iCloud syncing—and adds enough tools to turn it into a full GTD app. It organizes tasks on a calendar, so you can see your events and tasks in one view, and list them in detailed projects with tags and smart lists to keep things organized. GoodTask can keep track of your recurring tasks, even showing how many times you've completed them so far.

It includes color-coded labels so you'll know which project a task is in at a glance, and let you search to find the tasks you need to work on. And if you ever need to check your tasks from a browser, just open the Reminders app in iCloud. Your tasks aren't always simple enough to fit into a simple to-do list, and they might not fit into the more rigid projects and contexts of a GTD app.

For something more free-form, flexible, and graphical, the paper-notes-on-a-bulletin-board inspired kanban apps might be the best solution. Where most other to-do list apps put your tasks into a single column list, kanban board apps give you multiple lists on a single page with your tasks on "cards" that you can move between the lists.

You can use those lists to make a workflow for your task, perhaps with To-do , Doing , and Done lists or more detailed workflows to see exactly where each task stands. Kanban is a project management system that was developed to keep Toyota's factories running smoothly—and it can be just as helpful for your personal tasks. Get started by reading our guide to Kanban task management , then try one of these apps to turn your to-do list into a workflow.

If there's one app responsible for popularizing kanban board productivity, it's Trello. It's a new take on kanban boards that's easy to use and customizable, with a generous free plan. You'll start out with a demo board that includes sample columns and cards to help you get the idea of how to use it.

Then, you can customize your columns for your workflow, add cards with everything you need to do, and even pick a background color or photo to liven up your work. It's simple, but each card packs a lot of power. You can add descriptions and comments to tasks with markdown formatting, along with subtasks, attachments, and color coded cards. And you can bring along your entire team to collaborate—something that Trello's low price of free makes even easier.

Trello Price: For a deeper look at Trello features and pricing plans, check out our Trello review. See Trello integrations on Zapier. Your tasks don't start out as tasks—they start out as ideas, things you jot down on a napkin and brainstorm with your team. MeisterTask , part of the MindMeister family of apps, can turn your mindmaps into projects to make it easy to turn your ideas into reality. MeisterTask also helps you get work done faster. Each list in your kanban boards can include section actions, which assign tasks to team members, send a message, or trigger an integration that can get work done for you.

Instead of having to check off tasks and followup on them, just move tasks to the next column and MeisterTask will handle the rest.


MeisterTask Price: For a deeper look at MeisterTask features and pricing plans, check out our MeisterTask review. See MeisterTask integrations on Zapier. Your tasks aren't only due today—they stretch out into the week ahead, and beyond. Week Plan helps you plan for it all with an at-a-glance look at your tasks for four days at a time. Each day gets a list of tasks, along with your appointments synced in from Google Calendar, so you'll know what's going on the whole week.

And, there are extra lists below where you can store your projects and shared tasks—along with a Pending list on the side for tasks you haven't scheduled yet. It's a unique take on Kanban boards that help you both sort tasks into lists and workflows and keep your week's schedule in mind at the same time.

What You Need to Know Up-Front about Task Management

Week Plan Price: For a deeper look at Week Plan features and pricing plans, check out our Week Plan review. See Week Plan integrations on Zapier. GTD apps have projects, lists, and subtasks, but kanban apps usually only have one level of organization for your tasks. LeanKit , however, lets you make kanban work the way you want. You can customize how many columns each of your lists have, and add sub-columns to keep everything organized. You can even collapse columns with tasks you're not currently working on, add graphical tags to get more info about your tasks at a glance. Lists aren't the best way to manage everything, so LeanKit also includes a calendar view where you can organize your tasks based on their due date or project duration.

It even tracks statistics about what's been completed, and give you reports on your productivity and work progress. LeanKit Price: For a deeper look at LeanKit features and pricing plans, check out our LeanKit review. On other occasions, it's just impossible to fit everything on one Post-It note.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to digital to-do lists. The productivity sections on most app stores are crammed with tools to help you organise your life. There's a real range of to-do software out there: Whatever your way of working, there's a technology-enabled solution. To save you the time of sorting through all the apps, here is a selection of some of the best. Looking for more productivity apps and services? Check out our guided to the best iOS apps and best Android apps.


You can then decide what to work on today and throughout those tasks, and drag those tasks onto the correct days and in the order you want. With this app, you can create to do lists and even share them with family and friends. You can add a due date to tasks or have it notify you about tasks at specific locations so you won't forget to pick up stuff at the store, say. See Trello integrations on Zapier. On the Mac, you just see a little colored stripe next to the review perspective in the sidebar if one or more project is due for review, and on iOS you see how many items are in the Review perspective.

The app from Cultured Code is one of the most aesthetically pleasing to-do apps out there. Unfortunately, it is only for iOS and Mac but there are ton of options for those who decide to go for the app. Tasks can have large headings with sub-groups and checklists underneath them, you can drag tasks with a finger on mobile to reorder them, and reminders can be set to pop up at a specific time.

There's a fairly high cost to Things: Todoist attempts to gamify productivity. For completing tasks you get awarded karma and over time it is possible to track how much you are getting done. There are apps for almost every device web, iOS, desktop and Android , plus it also integrates with web browsers and there are plugins for Gmail and Outlook.

There are options to review the upcoming week, colour code priority tasks, and delegate items to other people in shared lists. The tasks can be written down anywhere and can be later dragged and dropped into other lists. Furthermore, you can also schedule tasks as recurring daily. Another interesting feature is that it supports Markdown. For those of you that are particular about text formats and presentation styles, this is a great tool to make lists and share them with others. TeuxDeux supports sharing the app between up to 6 family members.

Plus, your lists are yours to keep.

Plus much more!

This means you can download your to-do lists at any time. It consists of simple tasks and subtasks folders which help in the quick creation and checking off of tasks when done. The application comes with easy drag-and-drop option for files. An interesting feature of the application is the voice-entry one.

If you dread typing long to-do lists and prefer speaking, this application is meant for you. Another best to-do list application that made to our list is Toodledo. This application focuses heavily on task management and lets you organize your to-dos in the most simple and easiest way. Under each task, you can add multiple sub-tasks, notes, and priority level, along with other basic information. In addition to the lists, Toodledo helps in managing tasks by creating an outline. All your tasks and subtasks displayed in the form of an outline consisting of further sections to assist you in keeping your focus on important things and give you an overall view of your tasks.

One of them is the tracking of habits. Habits come with a calendar, so you can track your progress in days. This application is for the gamer inside each one of us. Habitica offers something completely different for the users. The application converts your daily to-dos into a role-playing game, at the end of which you can earn rewards exciting, no?

This fun take on task management compels you to complete the tasks on time and motivates you to achieve more to level up your character. You can create your personalized character, unlock rewards, buy armor, and at the same time, complete your to-dos. On the flip side, if you miss your deadlines or fail to tick tasks off, your health will deteriorate and your character will lose progress.

Generally, TickTick offers more or less the same kind of basic features other competitors in the market are coming up with. The application supports multiple parameters like lists, tasks and subtasks, priority level, and tags. Coming with a neat interface, the platform makes management of tasks clutter-free and organized. Like all other tools, you can add tasks, subtasks, set deadlines and reminders, and share them with other people.

Recurring tasks can also be added and repetition can be set according to your requirements. Google Keep is primarily used for making quick lists which can be accessed from any device. The application is basically connected to Google Drive which makes syncing with multiple devices easy. Next up in this collection of best to-do list apps is Evernote. Evernote is a comprehensive note-taking tool which is further equipped with task management features, making organizing personal as well as professional tasks easy for the user.

Apart from this, Evernote also enables users to save any webpage or online information that they like via web clipping tool which directly adds them to their Evernote account. In addition, Evernote allows teams to collaborate on projects and manage meetings through shared workspaces and integrations with third-party applications like Slack.

It is a powerful to-do list and task management application specifically designed for Mac computers and iOS mobile devices. A highly customizable tool with color-coded labels for all the tasks which make organizing clean and hassle-free. For processing all the tasks in a proper workflow manner, OmniFocus provides customizable tags, which further makes tracking and monitoring of tasks efficient.

OmniFocus also provides discounted plans for educational and business institutions. Another application to make it to our roundup of best to-do list apps is Remember The Milk. One of the oldest to-do list applications out there, Remember The Milk is a fairly simple tool that lets the user add tasks, organize them according to priorities, and check off from the list once done. The application makes tracking of due tasks easy through smart lists feature which highlights the most important tasks so that you never miss a deadline.

Built around task management features, this application lets you organize and execute all your to-dos in a simple, yet effective way. With a new and updated version, Things has tried to infuse a whole new set of amendments into its design, features, and overall look.

The best to-do list to help boost your productivity

A Google-backed task management application for your Android device which fully integrates with all Google applications, Google Tasks is the last tool in our list of best to-do list apps. Google Tasks lets you add and manage tasks directly from your Gmail, without any need of opening a new window.

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The tool takes a crisp take on traditional to-do list apps by providing a simple UI design which makes task management quick and easy. With a huge array of options for managing tasks including time estimation and grouping, WeDo deserves an audition. Personalize and make lists fun through themes and emojis, and share them with friends or family.

You are bound to stay on track with its efficient reminders and notifications system. There is a particularly interesting feature for students. Students can arrange to receive due dates and reminders for every assignment prebuilt by sending WeDo their syllabus. If you are a Wunderlist user, listen up because WeDo has a special offer for you. Import your tasks from Wunderlist and switch, and you get 1 month of WeDo Pro free. Hop on to Key Features to get hands on more information. Eisenhower is one of a kind tool that helps you prioritize tasks through a matrix. Much similar to the SWOT matrix , there are four quadrants of sheets.

These comprise:.