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Does anyone know if there is a good Garmin 430 simulator for Mac?

aquí I certainly would be.

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Come on, Garmin. I like this app, as it allows me to explore all the different buttons and sub menus of my GTN , from the comfort of my easy chair.

The Garmin Sim on a Mac

I am particularly glad this new version lets you choose a GTN interface, whereas the old version you were stuck with just the I'm hoping Garmin is working on an update that will allow two iPads connected somehow over or Bluetooth Now that would be awesome training! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Jeppesen Worldwide database still available from the Trainer settings menu.

Airway exits can now be selected on 64bit devices. Phase of Flight indicator now follows the rules. Simulated satellites have returned to the GPS Status page. Fixed some issues with nearest airspaces appearing incorrectly. Fixed some issues with the nearest FSS list. Updated to GTN software version 6.

Fixes intermittent issue where app may crash on start-up. Support for free day trial.

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Trainer now uses GTN 3. Version 1. Oct 4, Version 6. Information Seller Digital Cyclone. Size 2.

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Category Education. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Garmin Thread Tools. My flying club has got an aircraft which is fitted with a Garmin I've downloaded the manual, which is fine as far as it goes, but I would like to download the simulator. The Garmin website indicates that this is not suitable for Vista. Does anyone know of any other site that could help me get to grips with this unit? View Public Profile.

#1 Download and Install: GARMIN Apollo GPS Simulator Training GX55 GX60

Find More Posts by Miroku. The Grim EPR. I could be wrong, but I'm sure I've seen them running under Vista. I would try downloading it and run it anyway and see how you get on. This link doesn't mention any incompatibility issues. I've tried to download the programme, everything seems to be going OK but at the end I get the message that the programme can't be found. I'm not at all keen on trying to run XP. The Garmin site itself has some useful tutorials but they stop after the Garmin overview and Navcom functions.

Any other ideas please? I have this trouble also. I have a fitted in my aeroplane and would like to be able to play with the trainer.


I run Windows 7 64bit, and it appears to be impossible to get the software to run on my OS. If you find a solution, or an alternative trainer, I'd be very grateful for any pointers. Stuff mostly just works. There is no point in Vista or win7. Visit IO's homepage! Find More Posts by IO You crack me up, Peter. You're right though, that really was a useless and ilinformed comment. XP, however, is fairly universally outside of your house accepted to be one of the worst, most buggy, unstable and least secure operating systems of all time. I have a feeling the upgrade path of global enterprise won't grind to a halt because the Garmin Trainer will only run on XP.

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The Garmin Sim on a Mac The easiest solution is to download the WAAS W /W simulator which is Running the Simulators on a Mac OS-X (or Linux) My problem is that when I open the GNS / simulator, I get the opening. Download Simulator ( >> Download EXE). >> Download GNS W/W (WAAS) Simulator ( GNS Simulator.

Sir George Cayley. Must have receiver is now the Garmin W.

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It's actually the W I have. Are you saying there is a different trainer for that? If the apps I need for my work all run under Windows for Workgroups 3. I have a pile of productive and expensive software which doesn't run under win7. My GF has a win7 PC which works with the bog standard stuff and which gives trouble in every other department.

They run a huge range of apps, some common, some highly specialised, dating from early s all the way through present time. Unix is more reliable, etc, and we have two machines at work running FreeBSD whose uptime is probably years, but they only run one or two apps. It might be worth it. The really hard thing is digging out an instructor who knows how they work.

GNS 480 Simulator Database Update

Maybe Miroku should find an experienced pilot and buy him a beer. An important distinction when saying that WinXP is great because it runs the Garmin Trainer, and Win7 is rubbish because it doesn't! Would you say that non-certified aircraft are better, because they can run non-standardised avionics? If the avionics are not certified for your aircraft does that make your aircraft at fault or the avionics by way of it not being certified - like software not being written correctly to correct standards? My company has systems running pretty much every current operating system there is, from Linux, to MacOS, to Win7 and a whole host of stuff in between, including one or two simple operating systems we've built from scratch.