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Fixing out-of-sync audio in VLC

get link Of courses, VLC media player works like a charm if you want to fix audio sync issue.

How to fix audio delay with VLC MEDIA PLAYER

Step 2. Hit the Tools button on the toolbar and select Preferences. Step 4. Press Audio, and enter a value in milliseconds which can be either positive or negative, e. Step 5. Finally press Save button. Now you can reopen the video that has the lip-sync issue. If the issue still exists, repeat the steps above until you make the audio and video match up perfectly. The method is for VLC global settings. Namely, the customized parameter will affect all videos you play in VLC later. Therefore, if you only need to fix VLC audio delay temporarily, you can follow the part of how to sync audio and video in VLC using hotkeys:.

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Each time you press the related hotkey, the audio will be speeded up or slowed down by 50 milliseconds. If you press the hotkey continuously, the number of milliseconds will be incremented accordingly. VLC can only fix the problem that audio and video are out of sync from beginning to end yet some videos and audio work well in the beginning, and it comes to the time axis damage halfway.

Syncing Audio in VLC Media Player

But we always want to play a movie or video on other devices that may not support VLC media player. The program can intelligently detect any out-of-sync audio and make the audio and video match up for good. Before start, please free download free download the software and install it on PC. Press Add Files button to import the videos that have audio syncing problems.

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However, remember that the changes which you are going to bring in here, will only be temporary and as soon as you closes the video and restarts it, all the changes made will be reset and you need to bring the change again to the same video. The method is for VLC global settings. The steps are easy and quick. Of courses, VLC media player works like a charm if you want to fix audio sync issue. VLC 2. Is there any way of fixing this in vlc? Don't worry!

Or directly drag and drop the files. Click on Output Format button on the right and choose an output format from the list.

How to Sync Audio and Video in VLC

Click on Run button on the lower right corner to convert the videos. During the conversion, HD Video Converter Factory Pro will repair time axis damage and fix audio and video out of sync. This means that the audio is not in sync and you will have to fix the audio delay. This removes the fun of watching a movie if it happens continuously.

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Sometimes, the sound syncing is automatically fixed after a few moments. There are times it never gets fixed on its own. Sounds are generally off by only a few milliseconds but at times, they are even off by a few seconds or so. It can be irritating. This tutorial teaches you how you will be able to fix such sound syncing problems using VLC Media Player. The steps are easy and quick. Once you learn the shortcut keys, you will be fixing audio syncing errors like a pro.

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For the complete details: Here are the steps:. Then click on Video under Extra Settings. There check or uncheck the Save audio delay option. It works for individual videos. My movie has un uniform audio no one knows when to delay and how much to delay after every minutes….. Why VLC dont detect the unsync videos with audio delay? Any way to disable the autorrection on audio unsync?

The Permanent Method to Fix Out-of-sync Audio

VLC Player is unusual in that it allows you to adjust your video's audio track. All you need to do is press the G and F keys while the video is. During playback you can press f or g to adjust audio delay (adjust step is 50 ms). If audio is ahead of image, press f if audio is behind image.

I have videos in various formats mkv, mp4, avi, etc where the audio sync is off when I play them in VLC on a Mac mini but the same videos play perfectly on an iMac. I can sync them using the audio tools in VLC but it appears to be a larger problem with either the mini itself or a VLC setting on the mini. The odd thing is, older videos that I copied to the mini weeks ago play fine — its only recent videos copied to the mini that experience the audio problem. I have a file that has somehow had the video saved at the right speed, but the audio somehow plays too fast, so it starts with matching audio, but then the audio quickly leaves the video behind and the gap becomes greater until finally the audio ends and the video just plays on to the end.

Syncing Audio in VLC Media Player

To complicate matters vlc is the only program i have that can even open the file. Is there any way of fixing this in vlc? Thanks, and also thanks for making such an amazing program! You will need an external editor to extract the audio and then, slow it down or speed it up to match the speed with the video. I thought this may be the case, but thanks nonetheless.